Important Records to annihilate mob rule/reissue rare Pauline Oliveros tapes

Important Records to annihilate mob rule/reissue rare Pauline Oliveros tapes

Obviously, the late Pauline Oliveros wasn’t JUST an accordionist. But as a part of Important Records’ ongoing collaboration with the Pauline Oliveros Trust, where the goal is to shine a retrospective light on the life and work of Oliveros, suddenly accordions are raining from the sky!

The stereotype of it being an instrument for nerds was only ever accepted by impressionable Urkel observers. Accordions are raining from the sky now, and the inevitable victims of a squeezebox bludgeoning have been predetermined by the unconscious level of smirk whenever the word “accordion” enters the conversation. Thus, regular readers of TMT will largely be spared, and the just-announced releases should prove plenty appealing as well.

Sounding / Way is a collaboration with fellow accordionist, Guy Klucevsek; and as far as I can tell, it originally came out on limited edition, basically apparational cassette in 1986. The release was a conjoining of two separately-written accordion pieces that were performed together, and its reissue is accompanied by Tara’s Room, a solo Oliveros endeavor from 1987. That foray of accordionism has been reissued in the meantime, but not on the vinyl medium on which it’s being imminently etched.

Both releases are out July 26. Pre-order them here and listen to some samples below. (It’s crazy the tonal similarities between the analog synth and the accordion, when you think about it.)

Sounding / Way tracklist:

01. The Tuning Meditation
02. Tremolo No. 6

Tara’s Room tracklist:

01. The Beauty Of Sorrow
02. Tara’s Room

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