ISSUE Project Room announces fall season, featuring Oren Ambarchi, Rhys Chatham, Steve Buscemi

ISSUE Project Room announces fall season, featuring Oren Ambarchi, Rhys Chatham, Steve Buscemi

ISSUE Project Room, the exciting Brooklyn venue hosting local and international experimental music, theater, dance, and multimedia performance, has announced its Fall season. Artists young and old are featured, often in dialogue on the same evening program or in collaboration.

9 Evenings + 50, co-produced by Julie Martin and Fridman Gallery in association with ISSUE Project Room, and curated by Julie Martin, Regine Basha, and Daniel Neumann, looks to be the season’s centerpiece. The nine consecutive-evening program celebrates the 50th anniversary of 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering, a 1966 festival that featured many now historic names from the downtown avant-garde scene. John Cage, Yvonne Rainer, David Tudor, Lucinda Childs, and Robert Rauschenberg were among those who took part, all working with technology developed particularly for their performances. To commemorate the radical program, the program’s curators throw foremost contemporary experimental turntablist Maria Chavez and eclectic sound art pioneer Pauline Oliveros onto the same bill, presenting the sort of generational and historical juxtaposition that should give some sense of how influence warps over time and how far those music technologies, themselves and how they’re used, that were only beginning to be explored in 1966 have come. Perhaps the young artists onboard will even push the founders to new heights — the disciples challenging the masters, if you will. OG Fluxus choreographer Simone Forti v. one-bit composer Tristan Perich; coolest man-sitting-in-a-room Alvin Lucier v. former student Nicolas Collins. Fights for the ages.

Ahey, not to mention, the rest of the season. We’ve got Steve Buscemi in a text/sound tribute to William S. Burroughs and Artist-In-Residence Leila Bodreuil performing an original composition for over-amplified cello and double bass, among other, equally exciting events.

Check the full season’s schedule, read up more on the artists, and get tickets for all events here. Also know that ISSUE is throwing a “summer marathon event” this Saturday. On the bill, we’ve got Daniel Menche, Horse Lords, MV Carbon, Eartheater, Greg Fox, Ben Vida, and Container. More info here, and check out ISSUE’s 2015 year-in-review:

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