Inga Copeland is self-releasing her new album RELAXIN’ with Lolina very soon

Inga Copeland is self-releasing her new album RELAXIN' with Lolina very soon

Late last month, Inga Copeland debuted new material at Café OTO that was revealed to be from an upcoming new album, titled RELAXIN’ with Lolina. Our own Birkut was in attendance and reviewed the show in one word: “fantastic.” Now, our sources have alerted us to a new SoundCloud page for Copeland, where it’s noted that RELAXIN’ will be self-released (just like last year’s Because I’m Worth It) on “29 feb2015.” Fun fact: February 29, 2015 doesn’t actually exist as a date on the calendar. But it’s likely that the album will be released within the February 28/March 1 time span in some form.


Copeland’s last album made #12 on our Favorite 50 Music Releases list, its cover was in the top 10 of our Favorite Cover Art list, and “advice to young girls” was among our Favorite 50 Songs of the year. One could say we’re interested in something new from Inga around here.

In the meantime, revisit Copeland’s most recent track, “I Am Your Ambient Wife,” off Hyperdub’s third of four 10th-anniversary compilations:

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