Iranian audiovisual artist SADAF drops Drown It mixtape, announces EP

Iranian audiovisual artist SADAF drops Drown It mixtape, announces EP

Iranian-born, NYC-based multi-disciplinary artist SADAF has just shared a new video mixtape via DIS magazine. Drown It is a twenty two-minute long, impressionistic piece that sets the producer’s “visual diary” against a wintry New York backdrop, replete with water-related symbolism.

Musically, SADAF’s latest creation “wavers between abstraction and lyricism, contemplating the disparate emotional affects inherent in noise, speech and silence.” Drown It also showcases the artist’s fresh, global approach to collage: traces of traditional Middle Eastern music, as well as dembow and reggaeton, are all submerged in the thick electronic ambience of the mix. Plus, on top of everything else, SADAF is a skilled violinist and makes sure to incorporate the instrument as well.

What’s more, the mixtape will soon be followed by a thematically-linked EP titled Let It Burn; that release is slated to come out sometime this Spring via the brand new Outside Insight label. If you happen to be in New York on April 6, you can also catch SADAF live at the Knitting Factory, opening for the one-and-only Inga Copeland.

Keep your eyes peeled to the label page for Let it Burn’s ordering info when it becomes available, and while you’re waiting, use those peeled eyes to watch Drown It in its entirety down below.

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