ISIS’ debut album Celestial has been re-regurgitated by Ipecac Records

ISIS' debut album Celestial has been re-regurgitated by Ipecac Records

Celestial, the debut album by metal/doom band ISIS, has been re-released once again, this time by Ipecac Records. The last time it was regurgitated was in 2007, with several different colors of vinyl to choose from. This time the bait is that it’s been remastered by the seemingly omnipresent James Plotkin and has new cover artwork, which was not desperately needed but is surely welcome.

The real opportunity here is to examine where ISIS falls on the “blackness of Metal” scale. One could even go so far as to examine the scale itself; is it really more of a binary? Is metal either black or not-black? Would it then be “white metal” or does metal, like most things in life, come in shades of grey? Should we instead be using a scale of “gloominess of metal” or “doominess of metal”? If I were to go the full corpse paint route when attending a theoretical ISIS show, would I get my ass beaten, would I get laughed at, or would it be some combination of the two?

Ponder these questions deeply, gentle reader, as there will be a test once you’ve purchased the remastered, re-artworked version of Celestial, out since July 8. Be sure to ask for the test at your local record store and the staff will continue making worried faces and gently asking you to leave.

Celestial tracklisting:

01. SGNL>01
02. Celestial (The Tower)
03. Glisten
04. Swarm Reigns (Down)
05. SGNL>02
06. Deconstructing Towers
07. SGNL>03
08. Collapse and Crush
09. C.F.T (New Circuitry and Continued Evolution)
10. Gentle Time
11. SGNL>04 (End Transmission)

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