J-pop trio Perfume announce new album Future Pop

J-pop trio Perfume announce new album Future Pop
Photo: Billboard Japan

Japan’s Perfume became subjects of academic study with the publication of a 33 1/3 volume on their classic debut, GAME, but they are now looking to the future of pop with the announcement of a new album: Future Pop.

The album will be out August 15, and they’ve got two versions: one with a limited edition bonus disc music videos for the album’s singles, and live footage from the release events for “TOKYO GIRL” and “If You Wanna,” as well as from the Perfume x TECHNOLOGY presents “Reframe concert that occurred in March; and the other, standard edition, which also includes a visual disc with the videos for the singles. Both editions will come with the group’s customary talk segment as well.

Perfume will also launch an 18-concert Japan tour on September 21 — DON’T look for tour details or ticket information below, though, because we don’t have it! According to Billboard, ticket information will be included with the CD. So if you want to go to one of Perfume’s Japan dates, you’re gonna have to pony-up! You CAN, however, view the track list for Future Pop below. And in the mean time, here’s a neat Tweet for you. (Take what you can get, AMERICA!)

Future Pop Track List:

01. Start-Up
02. Future Pop
03. If You Wanna
06. Tiny Baby
07. Let Me Know
08. 超来輪
09. 無限未来
10. 宝石の雨
11. 天空
12. Everyday

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