Cool internet pals Jack Armitage (Lil Data) and Harry Burgess (Adult Jazz) team up as Offer to *offer* 12-minute track from upcoming LP

Cool internet pals Jack Armitage (Lil Data) and Harry Burgess (Adult Jazz) team up as Offer to *offer* 12-minute track from upcoming LP

“Hey mom, meet my friend I met on the internet!” is the phrase no parent ever wants to hear. But what should one say when one of those faceless chatbox possibly-creepy relationships turns into a dope musical project?

Well, parents would probably be wise to still be cautious… but luckily I’m no parent! So I can be as excited as I want to be about the pairing of Jack Armitage (a.k.a. Lil Data of PC Music accolades) and Harry Burgess (lead vocalist of Adult Jazz). Following a particularly long and particularly fruitful(?) internet friendship, the two have teamed up as a duo called Offer.

Offer builds on both the digital-age maxi-pop from Lil Data productions and the absurdist improv hooks of Burgess’s work on Adult Jazz’s last record, Earrings Off! You can hear their ticky-tack blend of brightness and dischord on the track “Day Away,” streaming below. It’s a 12-minute epic of autotune, organ, and adventure!

Burgess and Armitage met online in 2008 on “a fan forum for mid-noughties dance punks” called ¡Forward Russia! Their relationship remained digital (mostly on MySpace) for a few years, before taking new shape in 2008 at Leeds University, where the pair went together. But nothing stuck from their collaborations until this newest iteration — started in 2015 — kicked things off with a mutual focus on everyone’s favorite sex-toy keyboard: the Roli Seaboard. The rest is history! (Well, I guess all that stuff was history, too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

After getting a good dose of “Day Away,” along with its appropriate digital-meets-organic artwork by AEVA, I’m sure you’re ready to be “offered” something more. Well, apparently this is just the first single from an upcoming proper full-length, so just be patient! Just because we have instant access to all information ever at our fingertips doesn’t mean you can be greedy. Anyway, if anyone wants to talk anonymously online and then later start a cool internet band with me, DM me for my secret Discord link!

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