Jam City details new LP Dream a Garden, out March 23, shares video for “Unhappy”

Jam City details new LP Dream a Garden, out March 23, shares video for "Unhappy"

Like the sounds of a river or a baby eating too much pureed squash, we have heard the rumblings and burblings of a new Jam City full-length for a solid minute. The river, now, has lunged, and the baby has spit, and we’ve got a release date for Jam City’s Dream a Garden on Night Slugs — it’s out March 23, and it’s available for pre-order right now. Do you want to laugh about this bit of news? Well, Jam City does too, but he just can’t, mostly because of the “bleakness in the present” under the “regime of high capitalism.” That shit isn’t funny, no sir. Not when you’re talking about record albums, not when you’re trying to have a relaxing afternoon shopping at Ikea, and not during Thanksgiving dinner with your in-laws. Trust me, as someone who has brought capitalism up in all of those situations in my time, I know from experience.

Anyhow, based on the track we’ve already heard from the album — “Unhappy”Dream a Garden was probably going to be something of a departure from 2012’s Classical Curves. Instead of a “total break,” though, Dream a Garden is described as more of an inversion of Classical Curves, something that will take many of the same aesthetic and thematic concerns and pushing them off into different directions. Sort of like how sometimes your grandma makes pineapple cake, but then other times she makes pineapple upside-down cake. Well, in the spirit of cakes and giving them to people like a grandma might, Jam City has presented us with a video for “Unhappy” which you can watch either embedded below or over on the new Jam City microsite. I recommend checking it out over there, because it will be only then that you can dig the video out from under a pile of internet trash, which is both a pretty cool web trick and a reminder that we are all “struggling to live and love beneath the chrome-plated, vacuous, and superficial machinery that we must fight to see beyond.” Party!

Dream a Garden tracklist:

01. The Garden Thieves
02. A Walk Down Chapel
03. Unhappy
04. Good Lads, Bad Lads
05. Today
06. Damage
07. Crisis
08. Black Friday
09. Proud

• Jam City: http://www.jam-city.net
• Night Slugs: http://nightslugs.net

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