James Blake and Frank Ocean announce shows that start… tonight?!

James Blake and Frank Ocean announce shows that start... tonight?!

There’s potentially a whole heap of biographing and gushing prose regarding this one, but lemme say this for simplicity’s sake: over here at TMT we quite like James Blake, and we quite like Frank Ocean. Done? Done.

Now picture this: James Blake announces a short tour, and Frank Ocean tags along to do some guesting (and, hopefully, some singing). Surely not, right? Wrong! Starting tonight, Jimmy B is gonna be gigging in a few locations across England with his usual 1-800 Dinosaur crew — Airhead, Mr Assister, et al. — and one other nom de plume billed as BOYSDONTCRY. That sounds familiar… oh yeah!

Basically, the whole thing sounds kinda rad. Keep them eyes peeled for new albums from both of our tourists; Radio Silence from Blake and an as-yet officially untitled record (though presumably called Boys Don’t Cry) from Frankie, both coming #soon.


04.09.15 - Bristol, UK - Lakota
04.10.15 - Manchester, UK - Roundhouse
04.12.15 - London, UK - TBA

• James Blake: http://jamesblakemusic.com
• Frank Ocean: http://frankocean.tumblr.com
• 1-800 Dinosaur: http://1800-dinosaur.com

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