Jason Lescalleet and Greg Kelley rekindle old passion through very public Conversations, out today!

Jason Lescalleet and Greg Kelley rekindle old passion through very public Conversations, out today!

Tape-maestro Jason Lescalleet has spent the last decade doing his best to move on from the intense, rollercoaster of a ride that was his fleeting musical partnership with trumpeter Greg Kelley. We all know what happened — shit got real, listeners got 2001’s excellent Forlorn Green, and everyone seemingly moved on. Kelley continued a collaboration with Bhob Rainey in nmperign, even letting Lescalleet hang deep for a hot minute back in 2006. Lescalleet moved through personal sojourns and similarly fleeting partnerships — Dilloway, Lambkin, Drumm — all in an attempt to find the real Jason. Eventually, all the other names started to blend together. Something was missing — but what?

I’ll just tell you what: they did it again!! After a fiery session in Mexico City and a prolific stint at Lescalleet’s home base in Maine, the two noiseniks feel like they have it all dialed in enough to release a brand new album. Conversations is out today on Glistening Examples, the label run by Mr. Lescalleet himself. These six tracks are coming out on crisp, data-crunching Compact Disc and invisible Digital editions, available from GE’s Bandcamp. So what are you waiting for? These two might not make another album together for, like, another 13 years, and while the past belongs to us, the future belongs to no one.

P.S. - If, by any chance, you live in the Boston, MA zone, be sure to catch Kelley in trio with cellist Vic Rawlings and percussionist Seijiro Murayama at the always lovely Washington Street Art Center in Somerville this Wednesday, June 4. More deets at Non-Event.

• Jason Lescalleet: https://lescalleet.wordpress.com
• Greg Kelley: http://ordinaryfanfares.blogspot.com
• Glistening Examples: http://www.glisteningexamples.com

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