Jason Lescalleet continues screening tour tonight in NY with C. Spencer Yeh and others; additional music shows lined up

Jason Lescalleet continues screening tour tonight in NY with C. Spencer Yeh and others; additional music shows lined up

Per an interview that Jason Lescalleet did in Slovenia, the stupendous Songs About Nothing (TMT Review) earned its title from an existentialist perspective about art. But exactly how are we supposed to extract our own meaning when he forces these thoughts of abstract “awesome” into our brains? It’s like pondering the subjective significance of pizza just prior to inhaling a cheesy triangle: “This reminds me of the moment of my birth, when the doctor lured me out of my mother’s womb with a single slice of classic Chicago deep-dish.” But no! The oral succulence starts to overwhelm… Forget the meaning! Let me consume!

Yes, well, the double album was certainly enough to overdose our aural palates, but as an artistic addendum two years later, Lescalleet has been mapping out a “screening tour” of Trophy Tape, the 36-minute first disc of Songs About Nothing. Featuring visual interpretations from artists such as Aaron Dilloway, Robert Beatty (Three Legged Race, Hair Police), and Ellen Frances (check the full credits below), Lescalleet intends to screen Trophy Tape in each of the respective cities of his collaborators. The tour began in February, but tonight marks a very special New York premiere, presented by Issue Project Room and taking place at the Anthology Film Archives. There, Trophy Tape will be preceded by separate videos from the three New York contributors: C. Spencer Yeh, Adele Souto, and Ellen Frances.

Anxious for even morecalleet, as opposed to less? He has a few non-Trophy Tape shows coming up as well, with John Wiese, Greg Kelley (nmperign), Suburned Hand of the Man, and more. Here are the dates:

04.19.14 - Boston, MA - School of the Museum of Fine Arts *
04.20.14 - Pawtucket, RI - Machines with Magnets #
04.21.14 - Easthampton, MA - Flywheel Arts Collective %

* with John Wiese
# Jason Lescalleet/Greg Kelley Duo + Brown Recluse Alpha, Titans of Jazz, Geoff Mullen
% Antti Tolvi, Joshua Burkett, Sunburned Hand Of The Man

Trophy Tape video tracklisting:

01. The Beauty of Independent Music – Aaron Dilloway [Oberlin, OH]
02. Old Theme – Ellen Frances [New York, NY]
03. Tarnished Copper (Copper Will Never Be Gold) – Annie Feldmeier Adams [Chicago, IL]
04. The Loop – Justin Meyers [Minneapolis, MN]
05. Euphoric Sting – Antony Milton [Wellington, New Zealand]
06. Beauty Is A Bowtie (HTDW) – C. Spencer Yeh [New York, NY]
07. The Power of Pussy – Olivia Block [Chicago, IL]
08. Escargot – Adel Souto [New York, NY]
09. In the Morning – Neil Young Cloaca [Turners Falls, MA]
10. Friday Night in a Catholic Home – Todd Deal [Worcester, MA]
11. 10 Amp Waves – Jubal Brown [Toronto, ON]
12. I Killed Another Day – Heidi Alasuvanto [Oulu, Finland]
13. In Through The Out Door & Another Whore – Robert Beatty [Lexington, KY]

• Jason Lescalleet: https://www.facebook.com/JasonLescalleet

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