Jason Lescalleet releases latest volume in THIS IS WHAT I DO series, new album from Thomas Tilly, on Glistening Examples

Jason Lescalleet releases latest volume in THIS IS WHAT I DO series, new album from Thomas Tilly, on Glistening Examples

What can I say? The man is at it again, folks.

Jason Lescalleet — the experimental mastermind and label boss who has basically been keeping TMT in the publishing business for the past 180 or so lunar cycles with his massive output at Glistening Examples — has just given his antique, homemade, hand-cranked Bandcamp machine several vigorous turns and conjured up two new albums which are available NOW for your digital and tangible consumption.

The first is THIS IS WHAT I DO - VOLUME 19, the latest in Lescalleet’s ongoing (very, very, very ongoing) series of often chilling audio documents, which was originally created “to distribute rare, out of print, or otherwise unheard material” and showcase “the realtime scrapbook diary compositions of Jason Lescalleet, updated as needed with each previous volume being deleted as new installments are issued.”

But beware: Volume 19 was apparently “originally intended for release in January, but for many various reasons it was not completed until February 20,” which means that it’ll only be available until the arrival of Volume 20, which Lescalleet expects to post in April. Soooo…make like Lescalleet probably does and DON’T SLEEP.

Popping out next from of the Glistening Examples hand-crank machine is a new album from French composer and sound archaeologist Thomas Tilly, entitled Codex Amphibia.

As its telling name might suggest, the project comprises a pretty seriously full-blown “interpretation of the explosive breeding phenomenon” of your cold-blooded friend and mine: the humble amphibian. Its six composite tracks combine field recordings from “a research field session realized with Antoine Fouquet, Research associate at the French National Center for Scientific Research; the Ecology, Environment and Interactions in Amazonian Systems Lab (LEEISA); and the Evolution and Biological diversity Lab” with “interspersed sinewave structures” composed by Tilly in 2017.

Again, both albums are available now for digi- and phyi-purchase from the Glistening Examples’ glistening example of a Bandcamp page, and you can also stream your merry way through each one at your leisure down below. Enjoy! (If you need me, I’ll be getting started on the first draft announcement of whatever Jason’s got percolating in the machine next…maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be halfway done by the time it’s ready.)

THIS IS WHAT I DO - VOLUME 19 tracklisting:

01. Rose Tattoo
02. Feels Like the First Time
03. Incommunicability
04. Still I Carry This Feeling
05. January 4th
06. The Last Song of the Evening

Codex Amphibia tracklisting:

01. Almost Nothing (phonography and interpretation)
02. Pre-explosion I (phonography and interpretation)
03. Pre-explosion II (interpretation and phonography)
04. Explosion I (phonography)
05.Explosion II (phonography and interpretation)
06. Post-explosion II (phonography)

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