Jason Lescalleet’s Glistening Examples label drops three new glistening albums: listen now

Jason Lescalleet's Glistening Examples label drops three new glistening albums: listen now
Jason Lescalleet: dark sorcerer / label handyman

What’s this? Oh! It’s a new piece of breaking news come tumbling down the Lescalleet tube! Computer, run Lescalleet_news_protocal1.exe! Now!!!

In case you didn’t know (like, in case this is your first time on tinymixtapes.com), noisecromancer Jason Lescalleet has a record label called Glistening Examples. I’m here to tell you that right now you can stream three (that’s right, THREE) new records from that label. One from Hardworking Families, one from Retribution Body, and one from Lescalleet himself!

From Lescalleet himself comes Almost Is Almost Good Enough, a 2017 tour cassette being reissued after it immediately sold out last year. From Hardworking Examples comes EMERGENCY WINDOW, a folksy stroll through broken-walkman feedback and noise. And lastly comes Self Destruction from Retribution Body, a reminder that “dark ambient” is more than just a random rateyourmusic.com categorization. (That last one’s my favorite of the three, but hey, TMT doesn’t pay me to “review” music anyway, so take that as you will.)

Check out/purchase those records over at Glistening Examples’ Bandcamp page. Oh shoot does someone have a towel? My computer’s speakers just Lescalleeted all over the carpet again…

Almost Is Almost Good Enough tracklisting:

01. The Grind (Organ Music #4)
02. Flywheel (2004)
03. Every Room Is Different
04. This Is Not The End
05. In My Time of Dying It’s Nobody’s Fault but Mine

EMERGENCY WINDOW tracklisting:

01. various distinct spatial or temporal locations
02. Cutting Through Air With An Electric Knife
03. Emergency Window
04. E 580 20
05. You’re Too Late

Self Destruction tracklisting:

01. Self
02. Delusion
03. Destruction

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