Jens Lekman needs to know if you want a bigger bottle of his perfume and where you want it shipped

Jens Lekman needs to know if you want a bigger bottle of his perfume and where you want it shipped

To those of you who have been painstakingly micro-rationing your coveted 2mL vial of Jens Lekman’s perfume (pictured above) for the last two years, rejoice: Lekman is working on making some BIGGER bottles of perfume.

The perfume in question is That Perfume That You Wore, which Lekman created in collaboration with Collect & Bottle. The scent is based on the perfume ingredients listed in “What’s That Perfume That You Wear?” off of Lekmn’s 2017 album Life Will See You Now.

As Lekman wrote of the perfume at the time of its release, “It smells sweet and sad. Like a memory of something that could’ve been but never was.” Except it actually was, and now it isn’t, but it could be once more.

Anyway, per an email to his mailing list, Lekman is catering to the whims of his public by trying to make “That Perfume That You Wore” (or, as I like to call it, “Eau d’Jens,” because the egregious second “that” in the proper name makes a vein in my eyelid twitch uncontrollably) available in larger quantities. He writes: “(A)fter going through all the complicated logistics that comes with manufacturing, selling and shipping perfume I am now looking into making a limited edition of 30ml bottles but I will only be able to send 50 bottles outside of Sweden and I also have to limit the number of countries I can ship to.”

Lekman asks interested persons to respond to his email gauging their interest level in buying a 30 mL bottle and where they would want their bottle shipped if made.

So there you have it, you Jens Lekman and/or perfume aficionados: Tell Jens how badly you want a “That Perfume That You Wore” to become “That Perfume That You Still Wear” via a larger 30 mL bottle, and while you’re at it, tell him where you’d want your bigger bottle sent, should it materialize. Write to

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