Jeremih drops Chocolate Box EP; I pick it up and eat all chocolate

Jeremih drops Chocolate Box EP; I pick it up and eat all chocolate

Listen up, y’all. Life is not like a box of chocolates, no matter how many times Gary at work tries to tell you it is in between his endless riffs on whether or not he’s “working hard” or “hardly working” or “working for the hard weekend” or whatever. Life is actually more like sharing a cubicle with Gary — most of the time, except for those rare occasions when Jeremih drops a new EP on a Thursday night. Then, life is more like a cool party at a rooftop bar where the champagne is free and Gary’s not invited. TGIF, am I right?

Anyway, today is like a rooftop party because just last night my dear friend who I have never met Jeremih dropped a brand new Chocolate Box EP. It’s available to purchase and to stream and whatever other weird things you might want to do with it right now; and it’s also his first solo project since Late Nights: Europe — though of course he’s definitely kept himself busy since then..

Anyway, as someone who loved Late Nights enough to get my shit together and blurb my heart out about it for TMT’s Favorite Releases of 2016 List, I can tell you that in light of this news, Gary is about the last thing on my mind. Take a hike, Gary; my earbuds are in.

Chocolate Box tracklist:

01. Cards Right
02. SMTS
03. Forever I’m Ready
04. Nympho

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