JEROME preps new compilation Vague Culture 2, people yell “onions!” ahead of schedule

JEROME preps new compilation Vague Culture 2, people yell "onions!" ahead of schedule

On the one hand: TMT obviously stands alone when it comes to our god-like and necessarily innuendo-filled coverage of independent music. But on the other: holy shit, I might be out of a job if the semi-mysterious JEROME label starts to announce their mixes with roughly 23 lines of witty and persuasive summary.

The imprint has a clear knack for discovering obscure and frequently abstract gems hidden beneath the broadly electronic ground, and in a feature published last September, JEROME made clear (using numbers) just how their copious mixfiles come to fruition; 70% of the artists featured therein are found through “their own digging” on services like SoundCloud, and the remaining 30% are “split between recommendations and e-mails” from those shamelessly inclined to self-promote. JEROME scours like TMT scours! Massaging the spot of supreme musical enjoyment requires perseverance.

The mixfile that JEROME did specifically for TMT was hot, and so was their introductory label compilation Vague Culture, which came out in purchasable form in 2016. The announcement of Vague Culture 2 suggests a desire for further introducin’, but for those relatively few of us who were previously acquainted, the intention is to continue relishing the club-minded curiousness. The music that JEROME highlights is underground at its most quality.

Vague Culture 2 is out February 4. Keep an eye on their Bandcamp if you want to order — and stream the first one down below whilst you peruse the full tracklisting for the new one.

Vague Culture 2 tracklisting:

01. Ancestral Vision - Chindógu
02. Astrosuka - Ya No Sos Igual
03. Avbvrn - Delest
04. Jacob Marley-Basilica
05. FFFREAK - Lust
06. Ink Midget - Candy
07. Le Makeup - Catch
08. Leevisa - Floating Bed
09. Samsara Liane- Looking Glass Bae
10. Metrakit - Picada
11. Morten HD - Ultra Power
12. Joragon - Obelisk ; Monolilith (feat. Patti Dracula)
13. Jasper Jarvis - Patronize Me
14. Jaeho Hwang - Purpose Of Purposeless Beat
15. AN System - Ripple
16. VEE - Baile Funk
17. FKOFF1963- Volta
18. Worli - Interlagos
19. yma - Unresponsive
20. Ida Dillan - Persona Non Grata

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