Jersey club producer DJ TiGa announces debut on Lit City Trax

Jersey club producer DJ TiGa announces debut on Lit City Trax

After a relatively quiet 2015, Lit City Trax is back with some fresh Jersey club. This one’s from DJ TiGa, a 26-year-old, Newark-based DJ who formerly ran with Newark’s Brick Bandits crew. Lit City will be releasing his debut, The Sound: Vol.1, which is apparently the first installment in a planned series of mixtapes. According to an interview with THUMP, TiGa has four mixtapes already in the bag, culled from 500-600 tracks that he eventually plans to drop for free. Here’s how TiGa described the series:

I want people to pay attention—there’s more to Jersey club than what they’ve been hearing. If you listen to everything I do, I go from trap, house, R&B, progressive house, tropical, some type of merengue… I try to challenge the track. I’m not trying to just give you a remix of a two-minute bootleg so you can mix it into your song.

I just want to help everybody catch up so that nobody feels left behind, because there’s a lot to it, with the chopping, and the sampling and everything, so I’m gonna start with the basics.

Listen to “sTiCK’eM” below, and look for The Sound: Vol.1 on May 5.

01. U.O.E.N.O. feat. DJ Fade (Jersey Club Remix)
02. Mula (SnAReWrk Mix)
03. In The Streets
04. Asking All Them Questions
05. Take Note (Who The Man)
06. On The Book (Shxt Jersey Says)
07. Stick’Em
08. Fried Off That Oohh (Terio Theme)
09. Your Love (One In A Million)
10. W.D.F.L.Y.D.
11. NFL 2K10
12. Dripped Out
13. Beat’n Down Ya Block feat. Nicky Da B
14. Can’t Let You
15. Never Loved Us

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