Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt. Zion) takes a quantum leap of faith with new album Entanglement on Constellation, shares single and tour dates

Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt. Zion) takes a quantum leap of faith with new album Entanglement on Constellation, shares single and tour dates
Photo: Joseph Yarmush

We attribute a lot to Ben Franklin. One thing that doesn’t get enough play was his ability to kill with music. Or so once thought. In the roaring late 1700s, Franklin attended a water-tuned wine glass performance and it got him randy enough to invent the glass armonica: a set of rotating glass bowls fixed to a rod. Wildly popular for a time (Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss composed for it), many medicos soon became skeptical of the instrument, thinking that it overstimulated the brain, causing dizziness, hallucinations, palsies, a multitude of “nervous problems,” and (potentially) death.

Luckily, Montréal-based violinist, electronicist, and consummate collaborator Jessica Moss (member of Thee Silver Mt. Zion, guest on albums by Vic Chesnutt, Carla Bozulich, and others) is making music in 2018; because back then, she would have left many a grieving widow or widower with a large supply of ruffled shirts and false-rumps to take to ye olde locale Goodwill shoppe. Now, death is not imminent from too much Moss — but celestial aural enjoyment is. Moss’ next multi-layered masterpiece is entitled Entanglement and it’s out on October 26 on Constellation.

This is Moss’s sophomore album and is very much anticipated after her beautiful, armonica-free debut Pools Of Light. For Entanglement, Moss turned to quantum theory and systems of entangled particles and fractals for inspiration and to find truths in “creating energetic connections through esoteric processes.” Heady stuff, but it’s another challenging warm-tone listen from an enchanting composer who never disappoints.

Entanglement is ready to pre-order on CD, DL, and 180g LP (w/poster) here.
Stream a fraction of the first single, “Particles,” down below and check out Moss’s upcoming tour dates galore in North America, UK, and Europe. Get all caught up, but don’t go nuts.

Entanglement tracklist:

01. Particles
02. Fractals (Truth 1)
03. Fractals (Truth 2)
04. Fractals (Truth 3)
05. Fractals (Truth 4)

A rolling Moss gathers no stone:

09.28.18 - Lasalle, QC - Centre Communautaire Henri-Lemieux
09.29.18 - Peterborough, ON - Sadleir House
10.05.18 - Montréal, QC - Centre PHI
10.26.18 - Brooklyn, NY - Park Church Co-op
11.03.18 - Budapest, Hungary - Trafo
11.04.18 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Kulturák klub
11.11.18 - Avellino, Italy - Godot
11.13.18 - Dublin, Ireland - The Workman’s Club
11.15.18 - Brighton, UK - The Rose Hill
11.16.18 - London, UK - Sebright Arms
11.18.18 - Hull, UK - The Adelphi Club
11.19.18 - Glasgow, UK - Bloc
11.21.18 - Copenhagen, Denmark - VEGA
11.22.18 - Ravenna, Italy - Transmission Festival
11.23.18 - Ravenna, Italy - Transmission Festival
11.24.18 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Explore the North Festival
11.25.18 - Tincques, France - L’aureole Béthencourt
11.27.18 - Metz, France - 7(7) café
11.28.18 - Bruxelles, Belgium - Café Central
11.29.18 - Paris, France - Espace B
11.30.18 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Opera Concert Club
12.01.18 - Moscow, Russia - Pluton
12.04.18 - Braga, Portugal - Gnration
12.10.18 - Ottawa, ON - General Assembly
12.11.18 - Hamilton, ON - This Ain’t Hollywood
12.12.18 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle
12.13.18 - Rock Island, IL - Rozz-Tox
12.14.18 - Toronto, ON - The Burdock

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