Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra) announces European tour, shares new tracks

Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra) announces European tour, shares new tracks
Photo: Joseph Yarmush

If you’ve ever been here before, chances are you’ve heard some Jessica Moss. And if you’re committed to your intransigence regardless of my confident and borderline infallible presumptions, I would simply request that you listen to an excerpt below from a Moss-ian “work in progress,” which should light up portions of your brain more than a sequence of fireflies unwisely snorted in lieu of typical nose candies.

Moss’s new music is a definite throwback to her ongoing contributions to Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, almost enough to compel a belting-out of the lyrics that bandmate (and as it turns out, non-musical partner) Efrim Menuck typically handles.

Moss’s most recent full album, Pools of Light, came out on Constellation last year, and it was essentially a showcase of how Moss’s musical talents extend far beyond a “simple” bow handling on her (and Thee Silver Mt. Zion’s) trademark violin drones. She contributes her own vocals in parts, and the release as a whole might well fall legitimately into the ambient barrel.

Moss went on her first headlining tour in support of Pools of Light last year. But, armed with these new tunes (and maybe a small suitcase, I guess), she’s heading off to Europe for a few weeks of shows in May. Check out the full itinerary down below, following streams of the aforementioned excerpt and a remix from Constellation labelmate, Joni Void.

Jessica Moss “Untitled 2018 European tour #1”:

04.29.18 - Gijón, Spain - L.E.V. Festival
05.02.18 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Le Bourg
05.03.18 - Amsterdam, Netheralands - Dokzaal
05.04.18 - Foligno, Italy - ZUT
05.05.18 - Ancona, Italy - Teatro Comunale di Montecarotto
05.07.18 - Firenza, Italy - TBA
05.09.18 - Cheminitz, Germany - Weltecho
05.10.18 - Berlin, Germany - Arkaoda
05.11.18 - Bamberg, Germany - Pizzinni
05.12.18 - Hamburg, Germany - GoMokry

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