Jim Jarmusch starts his own music project SQÜRL, readies debut EP for ATP, because suck it David Lynch!

Jim Jarmusch starts his own music project SQÜRL, readies debut EP for ATP, because suck it David Lynch!

I guess I don’t really know from firsthand experience, but if I had to smoke a bunch of weed and start monologue-ing about it at the top of a news story in order to pad it out a little (stop twsting my arm, readers!), I’d guess that one probably don’t end up being a film director/actor/writer/editor/etc. for 30+ years without getting the itch to score a film project or two with some sounds that you’re already hearing in your genius-y, grey-haired head. Besides: video takes up a LOT more space on a computer than audio does… so SOLID ASS LOGIC would dictate that making music must be like, 70% easier than making movies. Eh? Right? Right!

Anyway, so yeah, let’s all assume that what I’ve outlined above comprises the reasons why Jim Jarmusch — along with Carter Logan and Shane Stoneback — is starting a new project called SQÜRL and releasing a debut EP on May 20 courtesy of ATP (a festival for whom he’s already totally coincidentally also making an appearance at this summer) on “deluxe limited edition 12-inch Picture Disc vinyl with download (limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies), and digital download,” according to the band’s press release. Because heck, the only other motivations I could think of for the project would be to try and get in a crazier-names-for-things-contest with David Lynch. And I don’t really want that to be the reason. Do you?

Heck, I’m sure that press release will back me up here, won’t it? Let’s see… ah, here we go:

SQÜRL began in 2009 when Jim and Carter teamed with producer/engineer Shane to record some original music for the film THE LIMITS OF CONTROL. Echoing the varied Spanish landscapes captured in the film, the three emerged with a set of slow-motion psychedelic rock’n’roll songs (releasing them as Bad Rabbit).

Following these scoring sessions Jim, Shane, and Carter continued to record new originals while also exploring the back-alleys of American country, noise, and psychedelia. Now having changed their name to SQÜRL the group has readied a series of EPs of these songs, recorded over a 3 year period by Shane at Treefort Recording in Brooklyn, NY.

Ha, see? Makes perfect sense. Check out the first track below, and for god’s sake, stop making all this harder than it needs to be!

SQÜRL EP tracklisting:

01. Pink Dust
02. Dead Naked Hippies
03. Little Sister
04. Some Feedback For Jozef Van Wissem

• SQÜRL: https://www.facebook.com/squrlband
• Jim Jarmusch: http://www.jimjarmusch.com
• ATP: http://www.atpfestival.com/recordings.php

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