John Parish tends neglected flock, announces new album Bird Dog Dante, featuring PJ Harvey

John Parish tends neglected flock, announces new album Bird Dog Dante, featuring PJ Harvey

Look alive, bird dogs: John Parish has a new solo album for you to sniff out. It’s called Bird Dog Dante — out June 15 on Thrill Jockey. And speaking of sniffers, he almost snuck this one out under PJ Harvey’s nose, too — she only appears on one (!!!) song.

The album is being billed as Parish’s first “song-oriented” (i.e. not film music) album in nearly a decade. The aforementioned Harvey feature comes in the form of a duet on advance track “Sorry for Your Loss.”

Parish has been prolifically collaborating with Harvey since the ‘80s; their creative output includes two co-billed full-lengths, in addition to myriad Parish production/playing credits on Harvey’s solo material. The material on Bird Dog Dante reportedly originated from the time Parish spent as musical director on Harvey’s world tour following 2016’s The Hope Six Demolition Project, during which Parish used Harvey as a sounding board for lyric ideas.

Before Bird Dog Dante drops like a dead pheasant in June, Parish will also give a commemorative performance of Nick Drake music on what would have been the British folk musician’s 70th birthday. “Remembered for a While – The Music of Nick Drake,” will take place at St. George’s in Bristol on April 12, and it will feature, in addition to Parish, a variety of other performers including Aldous Harding, Nadine Khouri, H. Hawkline, and the Lochrian String Quartet.

But for now, pre-order Bird Dog Dante from Thrill Jockey, and check out “Sorry for Your Loss” (and gander at the album’s full tracklist) down below.

Bird Dog Dante tracklisting:

01. Add To The List
02. Sorry For Your Loss
03. The March
04. Let’s Go
05. Type 1
06. Rachel
07. Buffalo
08. Kireru
09. Le Passé Devant Nouse
10. Carver’s House
11. The First Star

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