Johnny Jewel announces new instrumental album Digital Rain, rains down its title track (digitally)

Johnny Jewel announces new instrumental album Digital Rain, rains down its title track (digitally)
Photo: Johnny Jewel/Italians Do It Better

Italians may do it better, but Johnny Jewel — matermind of Glass Candy, Chromatics, Desire, Symmetry, Iris In, Professor Disco, 24fps, Technicolor Marbles, several bands that only appear in Thomas Pynchon novels, legendary USBM pioneers Weakling, aaaand the Italians Do It Better label1 — does it BEST. Jewel has just announced a new instrumental solo album, Digital Rain, out January 26 on (you guessed it:) Italians Do It Better.

The album follows Jewel’s heavy involvement last year with THE MOST IMPORTANT TELEVISUAL EVENT OF THE MILLENIUM (i.e. Twin Peaks: The Return), both as a member of rural Washington roadhouse favorites Chromatics and as a solo artist via cuts from his Windswept LP — the title track of which pretty much served as Dougie Jones’ theme.

There’s no new word (as far as I know) on long-promised albums from Chromatics (Dear Tommy), Glass Candy (Body Work), and Symmetry (Still Life), meaning Jewel remains somehow both deathlessly prolific AND bewilderingly opaque.

Speaking of opaque: Jewel has also shared a video for Digital Rain’s title track, a pretty, drifty semi-ambient piece. You can watch it below while pondering anew whether Dear Tommy might perhaps finally be out in time for THIS Valentine’s Day:

Digital Rain digital rain drops:

01. Digital Rain
02. Black Pyramid
03. The City of Roses
04. Double Exposure
05. The Runner
06. Air Museum
07. Monsoon
08. Magma
09. What If?
10. The Windscreen
11. Mirror Image
12. Liquid Lucite
13. Aerosol
14. Ship of Theseus
15. La Ville de Neige
16. Seven Corners
17. Cellophane
18. Pulsations
19. Houston

1. A number of these bands and associations are fictitious.

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