Jon Hopkins is here to improve your day with new trailer, album hints

Jon Hopkins is here to improve your day with new trailer, album hints
Photo: BBC Radio 1

Jon Hopkins’s 2014 LP Immunity felt designed especially for those post-club headphone sessions back in bed, for me wondering when my heart was going to slow down, hoping I felt as breathlessly, effortlessly vital as Hopkins’s compositions when I woke the next day. Yet they carried immense power in the club, too, and Hopkins became one of the few names on the microhouse circuit to transcend its murky, perpetually unsure relationship with the So-cal party set, who always seem to need maximalism; one of the things I remember most clearly about FYF 2015 is how, after a set of artists more concerned than Hopkins with melody and traditional structure played to smallish crowds, Hopkins packed the stadium and whipped everyone up into a frenzy - all at like 7pm, far earlier than he should have been scheduled to play.

All of which is to say that Hopkins’ music is special, and that it’s a big deal when he drops a trailer with new music hinting at a new album. “I’m so happy to share some brand new music with you,” Hopkins wrote on Twitter. “There is much more news to come soon, but this is where it begins.”

I know, I know: yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! But before you go click play, heed his instructions: watch in full-screen HD, and wear headphones. Because #microhouse.

Check the video below and join me in having a better day than I thought I was having before this news dropped.

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