Jon Mueller to release Tongues, premieres video

Jon Mueller to release Tongues, premieres video

For almost two decades now, Jon Mueller has been leaving behind a rich, focused body of work, both in groups (Pele, Volcano Choir, Collections of Colonies of Bees) and as a solo artist. The Wisconsin-based multi-instrumentalist has concentrated much of this work on rhythm, emphasizing not only the material/electrical qualities in percussion, but also the physicality in performance, the obfuscation in layering, and the ecstatic possibilities in repetition.

Mueller continues these investigations on his new album, Tongues. Like that of his recent work, such as with Death Blues, Tongues finds Mueller once again exploring the voice in the context of his rhythmic mantras, using wordless vocals to further point to transference and heighten emotional states. Artists Cory Allen and William Ryan Fritch also feature on the album, adding new dimensions to Mueller’s already-maximalist aesthetic via sarangi (a bowed instrument from India) from Fritch and harmonium, tanpuri (a plucked string instrument from India), and “ceremonial breath” from Allen.

Tongues will be available digitally and on vinyl in an edition of 500. It’s out May 27 on Mueller’s own Rhythmplex. Pre-order it here, and then check out TMT’s premiere of this incredible video by Keveh Soofi below.

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