Jonny Greenwood uses Radiohead’s sabbatical year to join gang of surfing chamber musicians, bully Kenny G fans, do some soul searching

Jonny Greenwood uses Radiohead's sabbatical year to join gang of surfing chamber musicians, bully Kenny G fans, do some soul searching

Since you’re reading this, I assume you’re one of those people who haven’t given up on Radiohead yet. Then, you already know that the band’s most interesting music has been coming out of guitarist Jonny Greenwood’s solo adventures, be it consolidating his role as Paul Thomas Anderson’s go-to composer, collaborating with Krzysztof Penderecki, or scoring video art pieces.

Turns out we have official confirmation on both fronts: Radiohead are actually on an “off year,” and Greenwood hasn’t stopped mingling with musicians whose work falls between mass entertainment, scholastic composition, and the avant-garde. And all it took to learn this was a column for The Guardian written by Greenwood. I know! And hey, you’re not the only one who remembers when the band used to keep in touch with their fans through the Dead Air Space website, posting candid photos of their Japanese tour, letting us in on what dubstep DJs Thom Yorke was enamored with, or just unwinding and sharing their married lives grievance. Those were the days!

Now, you can stick to our headline or read the whole thing here. But beware, Greenwood gets all douchey on DDD-seekers, trash-talks the taste of electronic shop clerks, and downright shits on people who are willing to shell out 15 thousand quid for a single speaker, when all the equipment Radiohead used to record OK Computer didn’t cost as much. Funnily enough, today Marc Maron penned another column for The Guardian, this time on how he and Jack White bro’d over their love for listening to 60s albums on ultra-expensive valve amps. Talk about responsible journalism: giving both sides of the news equal opportunity. Way to go The Guardian — you well deserve that Pulitzer! Or, wait, are you trying to con Greenwood/Maron/White into a beef for the sake of the hits? Oh you sneaky lads! Though, I sure would like to see those three getting into a bar brawl. I’d put my money on Maron. Let the sonic nerd-out begin!

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