Juiceboxxx reemerges from the darkness with new album Freaked Out American Loser

Juiceboxxx reemerges from the darkness with new album Freaked Out American Loser
Photo: Olivia Pasquarelli

The saga never ends, people! Wisconsin’s very own Juiceboxxx, a legend of the rap-punk game to many, is back with a new full-length follow up to his slept-on 2015 LP Heartland 99.

If you need an introduction, Juiceboxxx has been a consistent presence on the noise/punk/basement/energy-drink-freak-out circuit for over 15 years now. In addition to his tunes, he runs Thunderzone Records and drops a weekly newsletter called “The Boxxx Report” (which has tipped me to some choice new tunes, and I think you’d be wise to at least subscribe for a week too…I mean, your inbox is already full of spam from Amazon, so what’s the harm?!?!?)

There’s no official date just yet, but JB’s newest mangling of rap, noise, and hardcore, Freaked Out American Loser, is “coming this summer” via L.A. label Dangerbird, and it’s a highly anticipated release in my household. While we wait for more new sounds and details, peep the video for Heartland 99 opener “Walking in Milwaukee” below, as well as a list his upcoming live dates. (BTW, I saw him open for Big Freedia way back in 2k10, during the “laptop and guitar phase,” which was pretty sick, but now he’s got a full band which, as Dangerbird describes as “like Crispin Glover fronting Bad Brains.” There’s certainly a lot to unpack in that phrase, so do yourself a favor and keep tabs on Freaked Out American Loser and check out the Boxxx live experience.)

Juiceboxxx tour dates 2017:

03.29.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Honey’s
04.08.17 - Brooklyn, NY - HECK
04.29.17 - Queens, NY - Trans Pecos
06.19.17 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theater Rooftop
06.20.17 Nashville, TN - DRKMTTR
06.21.17 - Cincinnati, OH - House Show
06.22.17 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle

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