Julian Lynch returns with Rat’s Spit, his first album in five years, reveals an airy new single “Meridian”

Julian Lynch returns with Rat's Spit, his first album in five years, reveals an airy new single "Meridian"
Photo: Ebru Yildiz

It’s been quite some time since we had the pleasure to hear new music from Julian Lynch, current lead guitarist for Real Estate, PhD candidate in ethnomusicology, and master of the slow-burning anorak raga. But at last, the Wisconsin-based multi-instrumentalist has announced the release of his sixth solo album, titled Rat’s Spit, on January 18. He has also made available the lead single from the LP: a dense and sizzling, gaseous track called “Meridian.”

According to the press release, Lynch has continually worked on the album since the unveiling of 2013’s Lines, and it’s mature, darker tone is at least partially a reflection of coming up in “a global moment of anxiety and uncertainty.” It is also purportedly the artist’s most sonically ambitious album to date, as wide-ranging in its influences, production tricks, and musical colors as intricate in arrangements and musicianship.

Is it better than Lynch’s Mare though? That’s yet to be determined, but comparing the 2010 cult favorite to anything will soon get much easier: both Mare and it’s predecessor, Orange You Glad, are going to debut on streaming platform on the new album’s release date. Before that happens, you can pre-order Rat’s Spit through Bandcamp now. Check out the LP’s cover and tracklisting, as well as “Meridian,” below:

Rat’s Spit tracklisting:

01. Catapulting
02. Meridian
03. Rat’s Spit
04. Floater
05. Peanut Butter
06. Baa
07. Strawberry Cookies
08. Hexagonal Field
09. Reallu

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