Julie Doiron (ex-Eric’s Trip) releases 3rd volume of Spanish-sung ballads on Acuarela

Julie Doiron (ex-Eric's Trip) releases 3rd volume of Spanish-sung ballads on Acuarela

Now you wish you had paid more attention in Spanish class.

Canadian singer/songwriter Julie Doiron, formerly of indie rock band Eric’s Trip, has returned with a third volume of Spanish-sung ballads. It’s a continued collaboration with Acuarela Discos, a label that has supported Doiron’s solo work as well as fostered this unique language challenge.

Reconfiguring a selection of Doiron’s earlier works for Spanish only serves to highlight their undeniable beauty. For fans of the songwriter, the songs take on another dimension, familiar yet curiously reshaped. For non-Spanish speakers, the voice becomes a gorgeous abstraction, a distillation of timbres and tones — and an indicator that maybe it’s a good time to get back on Rosetta Stone.

Listen to the acoustically-led release below via Spotify and head on over to Acuarela to pre-order the 10-inch —particularly as it’s the first time “Thought of You” (“Pensando en ti”) will be released in a physical format.

Canta en Español Vol. III tracklisting:

01. Belleza Aumentada
02. Pensando en Ti
03. Lo Siento (Parte II)
04. No Me Lo Pidas
05. Cae la Nieve de Noviembre
06. ¿Quién Será, Será?

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