Kelela has a message for you: she’s planning a new Hallucinogen EP and the first track is produced by Arca

Kelela has a message for you: she's planning a new Hallucinogen EP and the first track is produced by Arca

Kelela has a message for you and she is not going to be leaving it on your voicemail because it’s 2015 and only literal jokers even begin to mess with voicemail. And no, Kelela is not a literal joker. Pretty sure she proved that much on her Cut 4 Me mixtape back in 2013 (which, by the way, is getting a deluxe physical reissue on April 7 via Fade to Mind). The message is that she put a hallucinogen in your drink. No, wait, it’s that she has a new EP coming out and that it’s called Hallucinogen. No wait, it’s that the universe is made out of sponge cake and that if you’re ever going to possibly survive you’re going to have to your way out of it starting today. No, wait.

Actually, by process of elimination, it’s probably that she’s got a new EP coming out, what with the release date I’m about to produce: May 5. It’s a six-song collection of tracks that were originally conceived for her upcoming debut full-length (due out this fall) but that ended up working better as a set all their own. Included among them is “A Message,” which is the actual message I was flailing around up top. It’s a track that grew out of Kelela’s collaboration with Arca on a boat back in August of 2012. She says, “we sought one another out across a dance floor and within five minutes agreed to meet each other as soon as possible to collaborate.” Message received. Message in a bottle. The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language. Anyway, you can peep the video for the track via the YouTube embed and catch Kelela on any number of the tour dates that I’ve so graciously formatted below.

Hallucinogen EP tracklist:

01. A Message
02. Gomenasai
03. Swoop
04. All The Way Down
05. Hallucinogen
06. The High


05.14.15 - Brighton, UK - Great Escape
05.15.15 - Lyon, France - Nuits Sonores
05.16.15 - Rome, Italy - Spring Attitude
05.18.15 - Helsinki, Finland - Keedes Linja
05.19.15 - Prague, Czech Republic - MeetFactory
05.20.15 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Kino Siska
05.22.15 - Paris, France - Point Ephemere
05.24.15 - Bristol, UK - Love Saves The Day
05.26.15 - London, UK - XOYO
05.28.15 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound (Vice Stage)
05.30.15 - Dublin, Ireland - Forbidden Fruit
05.31.15 - Berlin, Germany - Berlin Festival

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