Kelela’s Cut 4 Me gets the deluxe treatment, and it’s a double-edged sword of goodness

Kelela's Cut 4 Me gets the deluxe treatment, and it's a double-edged sword of goodness

Cast your mind, if you will, back to the heady days of October 2013 and the release of Kelela’s Cut 4 Me mixtape. It was a little watershed moment in the trajectory of the Night Slugs/Fade to Mind movements, the juncture at which the sonic sheen and ice-cold electronics of the respective crews was finally given a voice, and what a voice it was, too: commanding and confident, yet somewhat elegiac, perhaps even vulnerable in places. Kelela was the perfect human foil to the Club Constructions that surrounded her, and it was no surprise that both Night Slugs and Fade to Mind ended up reaching wider audiences as a result of her vocal contribution (it also marked the first time Pitchfork started, like, giving a shit about either label).

With Kelela hard at work on her imminent EP and debut album, Fade to Mind have decided to rerelease Cut 4 Me as a deluxe edition. Of course, this means that the much-loved tape will finally now see a physical iteration as a triple LP or double CD, depending on your format of choice; it also means that there’s gonna be some extra goodies tacked onto the original release. It’s like a double-edged sword, albeit both edges are fuckin’ great! Here’s the dealio: Jam City, Girl Unit, Kingdom, and Nguzunguzu have returned to perform some chop-shop jobs on their own contributions, while newcomers MikeQ, Massacooramaan, Rizzla, and Neana are throwing their own reinterpretations into the cooking pot. If all that sounds killer, then pen April 7 into your diary, ‘cos that’s when this thing is set to drop. Witness Kingdom’s Destruction Before Paradise Mix of “Enemy” right hurr:

Cut 4 Me (Deluxe Edition) tracklisting:

01. Guns & Synths
02. Enemy
03. Floor Show
04. Do It Again
05. Go All Night (Let Me Roll)
06. Bank Head (Extended)
07. Cut 4 Me
08. Keep It Cool
09. Send Me Out
10. Go All Night (Let It Burn)
11. Something Else
12. A Lie
13. Cherry Coffee

01. Interlude
02. Keep It Cool (Jam City Remix)
03. Enemy (Kingdom’s Destruction Before Paradise Mix)
04. Send Me Out (Girl Unit Remix)
05. Send Me Out (Nguzunguzu Remix)
06. Keep It Cool (Rizzla Remix)
07. Cherry Coffee (MikeQ Almighty Remix)
08. Go All Night (Neana Remix)
09. Go All Night (Massacooramaan Remix)

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