Ken Finger (Mickey Pearce & Brackles) premiere “Thanks for Those” off forthcoming Telly to Belly EP

Ken Finger (Mickey Pearce & Brackles) premiere "Thanks for Those" off forthcoming Telly to Belly EP

“Originality is a myth created by those who simply haven’t seen or heard enough,” sayeth Cremé Organization (parent label of Jericho One) founder DJ TLR. “We live in a world of combinations, re-interpretations and re-imaginings.” This notion holds especially true in the realm of dance music. It’s an art form that constantly reinvents itself, recycling old ideas and forcing the past into the present. Since its inception, the evolution of dance music has proven more circular than linear, a space where ideas new and old flourish simultaneously.

Ken Finger, a duo comprised of Mickey Pearce and Brackles, seem to embody this dichotomy JUST FINE. The pair are dropping their new EP From Telly to Belly March 27 via Jericho One — and, based on the world-premiere of their new track “Thanks for Those,” the thing is chock-full of new things to hear. Some of those things might be more ambitious (the assault of pitched-up vocal samples), some more traditional (those all-too-satisfying electronic cowbell hits); but however you wanna slice it, both producers are experimenting with different rhythms, textures, and soundscapes to create something that’s familiar, yet still original. It’s techno at heart, but on the periphery, tinges of jungle and house challenge conventional genre boundaries to great effect.

Pre-order the EP here. Then, sample “Thanks for Those” for yourself down below, and tell me I’m crazy. (I’m not crazy.)

From Telly to Belly tracklisting:

01. Bury the Beds
02. From Telly to Belly
03. Thanks For Those
04. Tongues Under a Hammer

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