Kim Myhr announces new album You | me, shares excerpt with you | me

Kim Myhr announces new album You | me, shares excerpt with you | me
Kim Myhr invites you to Photoshop yourself into this perfect "you | me" buddy pic

If you’re a general fan of “patient beauty” but don’t really have a ton of time on your hands just now, we’ve got some pretty good news for you; the seven-minute teaser extract of You | me, Norwegian guitarist Kim Myhr’s upcoming third solo LP (following last year’s Bloom), is indeed a thing of patent beauty: a pulsating swirl of bubbly guitar oscillation and inexorable percussive thump. And even better, the remaining 77 minutes will become available super soon on Hubro music — November 24, to be exact.

A longtime fixture of Norway’s experimental jazz scene, Myhr has collaborated extensively with the likes of Jenny Hval (on last year’s In the End His Voice Will Be the Sound of Paper, Jim Denley, and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. On You | me, he is joined by drummers Tony Buck (The Necks), Ingar Zach (Huntsville, Dans les Arbres), and Hans Hulbækmo (Atomic, Moskus, Broen) for two side-long, semi-improvised tracks, “continuously shifting and shimmering [and] centered around the same repetitive rhythmic pulse.”

Listen to the excerpt of “track A” down below, and pre-order the full LP over here. (Maybe get two? You know; one for both of us?)

You | me tracklisting:

01. A (17:57)
02. B (20:10)

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