Kim Myhr & Lasse Marhaug, with heads tilted upward, announce first collaborative album

Kim Myhr & Lasse Marhaug, with heads tilted upward, announce first collaborative album

Harness the landmarks in your recent memory, and Norwegian composer and guitarist Kim Myhr may feature principally through his 2016 collaboration with Jenny Hval and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. And if you’re aware of the outfit’s membership partially consisting of Myhr, Tempo from the free improvisational band Mural was an astounding performance put to an almost three-hour-long record, while the performance itself took place in the same year that Myhr’s compatriot, Lasse Marhaug, released the collaboratively awesome Wake Up Awesome alongside Okkyung Lee and C. Spencer Yeh. You’d think the interweaving of paths would’ve led to Myhr and Marhaug formally meeting musical minds by now, but no, mysterious Earth forces have disallowed, until now, a practical sharing of studio space. A joint universal excursion was almost necessary to solve this dilemma.

The Polish film On The Silver Globe weirdly contains such a universal excursion, and as it happens, Myhr and Marhaug have used both the film and its title as an influence for their very first collaborative record, eponymously named and out February 24 on the SOFA label. Andrew Smith’s literary recollection of an American moon mission also affected to the point where it was worth mentioning in a press release, so apparently, the musical On The Silver Globe has a clearly indicated spatial fascination. Instruments ranging from guitar to an array of synths and oscillators act as instrumental Carl Sagans, narrating the voyage.

Here’s an excerpt:

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