King Geedorah (MF DOOM) reissues Take Me To Your Leader on vinyl (Barack Obama secretly pretty pumped)

King Geedorah (MF DOOM) reissues Take Me To Your Leader on vinyl (Barack Obama secretly pretty pumped)

In an OBVIOUSLY, COMPLETELY IN-NO-WAY-RELATED story back in July, we expertly informed you that mask-wearing, underground hip-hop/emcee legend MF DOOM was reissuing his debut on vinyl.

Now, like I said, in a completely new news story that has nothing to do whatsoever with that DOOM guy, we’re back again to tell you — both in an H.G. Wells panic and with a little help from our friends at The Vinyl Factory — that the 2003 debut album by a nefarious, triple-headed monster from space named King Geedorah is about to get a “deluxe vinyl reissue.” How terrifying! And… exciting?

Due out on its original label Big Dada on September 30, Leader’s soul, jazz, and funk-tinged “blend of ill lyrics and instrumentals” will be resurrected on “limited double ruby red coloured vinyl, housed in separate card sleeves within a wide spine, where the original 12” ‘cutout’ insert design has been reimagined on perforated card.”

“[The] whole album is Geedorah’s alien perspective on humans,” MF DOOM claimed back in 2003 (though again, I’m not sure why he’s a credible source on this Geedorah character?), and it features many-an-insane performance from a plethora of guest vocalists, including Kurious, MF GRIMM (a.k.a. Jet Jaguar), other members of NYC’s Monsta Island Czars, and others. Either way, go ahead and pre-order your copy now, and reacquaint yourself with the funky sounds of this savvy space lizard down below. (Come to think of it, dude does kinda sound a little “influenced” by DOOM, doesn’t he? What a weird coincidence.)

Take Me To Your Leader tracklisting:

01. Fazers
02. Fastlane
03. Krazy World
04. The Final Hour
05. Monster Zero
06. Next Levels
07. No Snakes Alive 0
08. Anti-Matter
09. Take Me To Your Leader
10. Lockjaw
11. I Wonder
12. One Smart Nigger
13. The Fine Print

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