MF DOOM and Czarface put their faces together to create Czarface Meets Metal Face!

MF DOOM and Czarface put their faces together to create Czarface Meets Metal Face!

While 1997’s Face/Off may have been the pinnacle of face-based storytelling in the world of film, it can be argued that the combination of music and faces have yet to have that watershed moment together. That is, until now. Enter: Czarface Meets Metal Face!, out next month via Get On Down.

As the title so subtly hints, Czarface Meets Metal Face! is a collaboration between Czarface (itself already a collaboration between Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric) and noted metal-face-wearer and word-capitalizer MF DOOM. After previously putting their faces together for the track “Ka-Bang” in 2015, Czarface and DOOM have mashed their mugs once again to create a full-length album that promises to be, “ripe with cartoon violence, societal observations and pop culture musings.” (Sounds like the musical equivalent of that one television show smart people really like. You know, Rich and Marty?)

See if four faces really are better than one by listening to “Nautical Depth,” off of Czarface Meets Metal Face! down below.

The album also features some guest faces showing their face, including Open Mike Eagle, and Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks. Wow, that’s up to six whole faces on one album. If that sounds like a good face value to you can get-on-down to Get On Down’s store to pre-order Czarface Meets Metal Face! now.

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