Klara Lewis says you too can enjoy Too, her second album on Editions Mego

Klara Lewis says you too can enjoy Too, her second album on Editions Mego

Music reasonably termed “dark ambient” isn’t on my playlist as much as it has been in the past, and judging from that extremely small sample size, I’m going to readily assume a declining genre prominence that beckons a resurgence!

Whereas we previously might’ve relied on Erik Skodvin’s Miasmah label or John Twells’s Type Records to keep the melodic solemnity going, it’s time that we formally welcome the talents of a SHAPE-affiliated musician who doesn’t happen to be releasing music on either label. Klara Lewis’s debut album Ett (or “One” in her native Swedish) came out on Editions Mego in 2014, and it’s hard not to appreciate the intricate yet accessible atmospheres of that album, which were borne from a philosophy averse to experimental music making your ears spin on their cranial axis.

Too, Lewis’s sophomore album, is out May 27 again on Peter Rehberg’s label, and disappointment doesn’t coincide with expecting somewhat more of the same. After all, this entails an ingenious compilation of samples and field recordings, which appears to come quite naturally.

Offer Ett as the soundtrack for the next wedding you attend! Offer Too as the audio backdrop for the reception beforehand!

See the tracklisting after the title track + “Us”:

Too tracklisting:

01. View
02. Twist
03. Too
04. Else
05. Want
06. Beaming
07. Once
08. Try
09. Us

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