Kode9 announces solo debut Nothing for Hyperdub

Kode9 announces solo debut Nothing for Hyperdub

Steve Goodman, otherwise known as the king of the land of Hyperdub, has released details of his upcoming album, Nothing. It’s Goodman’s first full-length since 2011’s Black Sun, his first release since last year’s The Killing Season, and his first entirely solo full-length under the Kode9 name, as all of his previous recordings were in collaboration with The Spaceape, a.k.a., Stephen Gordon, who passed away last fall.

The album is of a piece with Goodman’s combinatory approach, throwing together “horror soundtracks, sampled library records, and j-pop” and popping up in “a no mans land between grime, early dubstep, and Chicago footwork.” With Gordon’s passing still so recent, it is not entirely without elements of his presence either. Although the LP is largely instrumental, there is a posthumous Spaceape performance found on “Third Ear Transmission,” and the album’s final track “Nothing Lasts Forever” is nine minutes of silence in Gordon’s honor.

Nothing is out November 6 on Hyperdub. Following the release of the album, Goodman will tour next year in support the album with the assistance of “simulation artist” Lawrence Lek. The performance will center around “an evacuated, fully automated, luxury hotel known as the “The Nøtel.” Details on that are forthcoming.

Nothing tracklist:

01. Zero Point Energy
02. Notel
03. Void
04. Holo
05. Third Ear Transmission feat. The Spaceape
06. Zero Work
07. Vacuum Packed
08. Wu Wei
09. Casimir Effect
10. Respirator
11. Mirage
12. 9 Drones
13. Nothing Lasts Forever

• Kode9: http://www.kode9.com
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

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