Kode9 to go on North American DJ tour after releasing Nothing (but not actually nothing)

Kode9 to go on North American DJ tour after releasing Nothing (but not actually nothing)

Are you anxious to forcibly check into The Nøtel as a part of Kode9’s recently alluded-to tour in support of his new album (out November 6)? Well, it turns out customer service at this theoretical place of hospitality goes beyond just free continental breakfast and virtual pillows made entirely of bite-sized chocolates; the UK-producer and head of Hyperdub (a.k.a Steve Goodman) is prefacing his more directly Nothing-related tour with a double-handful of North American dates, where the songs of each set will be nothing to which he can totally claim as his own. He’s taking his DJ skills across America, in other words! Additional charges will be indicated as such on the final bill statement, right after those curious PPV selections.

Sure, it’s a DJ tour, but don’t be surprised given the proximal dates if you hear a few tracks from Nothing thrown in there. Hyperdub has likewise been a notable promoter of the footwork genre in recent years, so I personally look forward to rhythmically congruous dancing suddenly shifting to desperate head-nodding among the audience. It’s cute that we try, at least.

Here are the dates:

11.11.15 - Montreal, QC - Le Belmont
11.12.15 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune Sound Club
11.13.15 - San Francisco, CA - F8
11.14.15 - Chicago, IL - East Room
11.16.15 - New York, NY - Cielo
11.18.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Airliner
11.20.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Palisades

[Photo: Philip Skoczkowski]

• Kode9: http://www.kode9.com
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

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