Kodomo announces new EP Divider, premieres “Storm King” + remix by The Sight Below

Kodomo announces new EP Divider, premieres "Storm King" + remix by The Sight Below
Kodomo deftly adjusts the gas and brakes of his Korg MS-20 rocket-ship

Hey! Sorry! Thanks for waiting here for so long while I took that call on the other line…

So anyway, remember when I was telling you a year and three months ago that NYC-based IDM/minimalist techno producer Chris “Kodomo” Child’s then-new Endless Waves EP was some totally next-level, drool-inspiring amalgam of “ambient vibes” and “golden-era WARP-type stuff?”

Good memory! But FORGET ALL THAT SHIT, YOU SYCOPHANTIC DORK. Because Child has just promised me (yeah, that was him on the other line) that his NEWEST release, an EP entitled Divider, will find him veering headlong into some fresh-ass sonic territory — inspired by a newly realized connection to ethereal music of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt and a more rigorous implementation of field recordings and found sounds (e.g. “thunderstorms, subway tunnel sounds, and even stuff from a piano found in the street”).

Don’t worry too-too much, though; there’s still a few familiar signposts: 12k label boss (and TMT-tolerater!) Taylor Deupree once again sat in on mastering duties, and the record’s seven constituent tracks — which Child sculpted “on and off the end of 2015 to the end of 2016” by “combining noisy textures from vinyl samples and field recordings run through pedals and tape delays with analog synth sequences using a variety of hardware sequencers” — still contain a nod or three to “early, Warp-inspired IDM.”

Besides, this latest-and-therefore-BEST incarnation of Child’s ever-evolving aural vision won’t be available until June 30, which still gives you plenty of time to play catch-up…perhaps by checking-out the new pair of Kodomo tracks that TMT is premiering today! The first offering is the album track “Storm King,” a chilly and uneasily-pulsating cloud of electric ambient fog. And its companion is an itchier, glitchier re-mix of “Storm King” (currently slated for release on a companion EP later this year) by The Sight Below (a.k.a. Seattle-based ambient techno/shoegaze/American minimalist Rafael Anton Irisarri).

Both tracks will be available as a stand-alone single starting this Friday (May 19), but you can feast your ears down below just as soon as we’re off the phone. And don’t forget to scope-out the cover art, full tracklisting, and pre-order info for the entire EP afterwards, too. And also — there’s one last thing I still need to tell you! And it’s really important, so — wait, wait. Hang on…fuck, someone’s beeping-in on the other line again. I think it’s Arvo Pärt. Gotta take this.

Divide tracklisting:

01. Emergence
02. Strike
03. Son
04. Storm King
05. HEL
06. Descent
07. Numbers

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