Kyle Bobby Dunn unveils 4-LP epic From Here to Eternity, out this May

Kyle Bobby Dunn unveils 4-LP epic From Here to Eternity, out this May

Canadian ambient/drone maverick Kyle Bobby Dunn doesn’t adhere to the notion that listeners’ attention spans are getting shorter, thus rendering the full-length album as we know it obsolete. No, Kyle Dunn doubles down on this notion of an “album” and drops double, triple, and — with his latest — even quadruple LPs.

From Here to Eternity, his first full length since 2014’s Infinite Sadness, is nearly three hours of the kind of slow-burning done that his fans have come to know and love. Peep the 7-minute sampler “Rachel (Hiver Eternal)” below for a taste that will leaving you hungry for more (and oh, how there is more, my friends). And when you’re finished, head here for your pre-order options, which include several *exclusive* iterations of the above mentioned 4-LP, as well as 3xCD and digital editions.

From Here to Eternity is out May 31 via Past Inside the Present.

From Here to Eternity tracklisting:

01. Preludium Aeterna
02. Infinite Escalators
03. Triple Axel on Crémazie
04. Years Later Theme
05. Happiness & Momentum
06. Zendel Holiday Hangover Toccata
07. Boul. Gouin
08. The Flattening
09. September & Her Sudden Drones
10. Their Memories
11. Alpine ‘88 (Soundtrack Suite)
12. Foothills Medical Clinic
13. Le Stationnement de Finders
14. Rachel (Hiver Eternal)
15. Dead Calm (Southcentre Suite)
16. From Over to Wendover
17. Videodrones des Questions
18. Eternity, the Stars & You

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