PERILS (Benoît Pioulard & Kyle Bobby Dunn) unveil new self-titled LP, premiere new track; ambience ITSELF gets excited!

PERILS (Benoît Pioulard & Kyle Bobby Dunn) unveil new self-titled LP, premiere new track; ambience ITSELF gets excited!

To the extent that such… um, “loud” words as EXCITING and EARTH-SHATTERING and GROIN-GRABBING can be applied to the pretty austere genres of ambient/drone/minimalist music in which these-here two fellers Kyle Bobby Dunn and Thomas Meluch (Benoît Pioulard) dabble, let the quietly-drooling fans of both arists go ahead and fire away!

On October 26, Dunn and Meluch will be releasing a new self-titled album together under the moniker PERILS. The album, described as a “collaborative recording that ruminates on painful realities, disappointments, and transitioning to new homes, in the hopes of finding a coping mechanism to bring them through to the other side,” will be comin’ at us in all of its furious and relentless quietude as a limited-edition LP (12-inch black vinyl with two-sided, full-color insert in an edition of just 500 copies, to be exact) and digital-download-thingamajigy via Desire Path Recordings. Pre-order the album here.

The two wrote and recorded the tracks independently at various points during 2012-2013, during “transitional points in these artists’ lives.” So goes the press release:

Kyle was living in a small town called Belleville, Ontario trying to complete Kyle Bobby Dunn and The Infinite Sadness (Students of Decay) and coming to grips with the fact that this great endeavor was at its end. Given the enormity of the record and the emotionally and physically exhausting process of recording the album, Kyle found himself drained with unforeseen questions and confusions. Working only at night, Kyle immersed himself into this newfound nocturnal work, finding a path in the midst of wondering. Thomas, meanwhile, was in a state of literal transition: uprooting from the UK and relocating to Seattle during the recording process of PERILS. In a state of flux, nearly drowning under the anxieties of living on uncertain ground, Thomas channeled these emotions into musical escapades. Thomas recorded in his spare moments, sending sonic puzzle pieces one by one to Kyle, who would in turn explore the musical sentiments Thomas had shared, adding his own billowing sounds to the seething mix.

“Questions”? “Transitions”?? “Anxieties”??? Sounds like music to MY ears! And luckily, you don’t have to wait any longer than it’ll take to finish reading this paragraph to decide the extent to which you agree with me, because you can check out the first track to be released from the album, “Flaw,” right down below. I promise. Here it comes. Right now. Here. Now.

PERILS tracklisting:

A1. Colours Hide My Face
A2. (Dead in the) Creekbed Blues
A3. Leveled
A4. Resin
A5. La brume
B1. Maps of Sinking
B2. Flaw
B3. The Unbecoming
B4. All That’s Left
B5. It Was Going Great. Until It Wasn’t.

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