Laurel Halo sweetens October with new LP Chance Of Rain on Hyperdub

Laurel Halo sweetens October with new LP Chance Of Rain on Hyperdub

Oh boy. With a release month with new albums by Oneohtrix Point Never, DJ Rashad, Circuit des Yeux, James Ferraro, Lucrecia Dalt, Magik Markers, Matana Roberts, of Montreal, Tim Hecker, Tim Heidecker, Mike Donovan (Sic Alps), Pelican, The Dismemberment Plan, Wooden Wand, David Kanaga, Richard Youngs, Omar Souleyman, Juana Molina, Deltron 3030, Arcade Fire, and Katy Fucking Perry, we already had plenty to be excited about. But October just got a lot more exciting.

Laurel Halo, whose Quarantine made #5 on our Favorite 50 Albums of 2013 list, has just announced her new album, Chance Of Rain (“of” purposefully capitalized). The album, due on the always fantastic Hyperdub imprint, features nine tracks developed from “live hardware improvisations” and is described as “a cerebral exploration of the intersection between rhythmic and ambient musics, drawing together moments of movement and stillness, psychedelia and presence of mind.” And the best part is that it’s being released just in time for Halloween! Hey, maybe this is her Halloween album. Yeah, it’s definitely her Halloween album.


01. Dr. Echt
02. Oneiroi
03. Serendip
04. Chance Of Rain
05. Melt
06. Still/Dromos
07. Thrax
08. Ainnome
09. -Out

Chance Of Rain is out October 28 via Hyperdub.

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