LCD Soundsystem curates Beach Vibes, an “all-inclusive getaway” with snorkeling

LCD Soundsystem curates Beach Vibes, an "all-inclusive getaway" with snorkeling
"Whoa, wait. Is that someone snorkeling?"

It sounds like the premise for an indie-dance slasher flick. Or a really weird personal fantasy. But it’s not. It’s reality! It’s… the LCD Soundsystem-curated Beach Vibes weekend!

“What?” you’re saying. “Come again?” Well, it’s an “all-inclusive getaway” at the Riviera Maya on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula featuring three nights of live music (on the beach, obviously), daytime fun, pool/beach parties with rad DJs, and snorkeling. It’s like MTV Spring Break for non-douchebags!

Performers include Run the Jewels, Hot Chip, Carl Craig, Shit Robot, DJ Harvey, and more, plus two headlining performances from LCD Soundsystem (of course). Take a gander at the website and mark off January 26-28, 2017 on your calendars.

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