Lee Noble plots European tour to escape the heat from some very real gossip I just made up

Lee Noble plots European tour to escape the heat from some very real gossip I just made up

So Lee Noble has just announced a European tour and I’m about to gin up some fake gossip about it. Here’s how it went down: early last year Liz Harris was building up a tree house of her very own and she invited Lee Noble over to check it out because she figured since they both make music that sorta touches on that intersection between drone and folk they’d get right along. Boy was she wrong! Noble came in all reckless, knocking over 2x4s, spilling paint, and generally ticking off the carpenters that Harris had hired. He felt pretty bad about it, all things considered, so he put out the album Ruiner as a sort of apology last year, but Harris wasn’t hearing it. She fired back with fiery invectives, inviting him to make like a man in a boat and go die.

Of course, Noble, who might be a little clumsy but is generally a pretty stand-up guy, kept up his attempts at reconciliation, releasing Forming as a part of Bathetic’s 11 tape batch early this year (Forming as in: “Hey Liz, let’s get about forming a new relationship and maybe also forming a new deck for your totally sick tree house”) but Harris was having none of it, firing back yet again with the announcement of her Halloween-released Ruins (Harris: “You, Mr. Noble, are the ruiner to my ruins!”). At this point, I imagine Noble saw the writing on the wall and decided to get the heck out of dodge for a while, which brings us back to something that’s actually true: Noble is going on a European tour starting at the end of October. He’ll be out through mid-November, joined on a couple of dates by Noveller. Peep each and every one of them below!


10.30.14 - Nantes, France - Soy Festival
11.01.14 - Paris, France - Espace B
11.04.14 - Brussels, Belgium - Spion
11.05.14 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Koffie & Ambacht*
11.06.14 - Courtrai, Belgium - Cinepalace
11.07.14 - Den Haag, Netherlands - Rewire Festival
11.08.14 - Liege, Beligum - L’an Vert
11.09.14 - Ghent, Belgium - Kinky Star
11.10.14 - Mainz, Denmark - Walpodenakademie
11.11.14 - Jena, Denmark - Glasshaus
11.12.14 - Hamburg, Germany - West Work*

* Noveller

• Lee Noble: https://leenoble.bandcamp.com
• Bathetic: http://batheticrecords.com

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