Lena Raine’s Celeste B-Sides lands a limited edition vinyl release, right after clearing that crazy-ass series of spike beds

Lena Raine's Celeste B-Sides lands a limited edition vinyl release, right after clearing that crazy-ass series of spike beds

Generally speaking, people underrate the musical aspect when it comes to their overall enjoyment of a particular movie, show, or video game. We all secretly know that Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy would’ve been a complete and utter suckfest if Howard Shore hadn’t come in to compositionally revive that cinematic equivalent of rotting corpse…

That analogy up above either doesn’t apply if you’re taking me seriously, or it DOES if you ARE’NT, because the gameplay of Celeste is about on par with the amazing score that accompanies it. The score itself has received serious accolades distinct from the platformer overall, and composer Lena Raine remarked in recent interview with us about how her work on the game has propelled her career into a place where “ridiculous situations” abound and call seductively. She’d like to score a film or an animated series in the near future, but first things first…

The game itself has increasingly difficult “B-Side” and “C-Side” versions of levels, so leaving the score to its original issue — however wonderful and dreamlike — probably would have been a dereliction. Hence, here’s Celeste B-Sides, which has already been out on digital and cassette, but is now being released on limited edition vinyl.

The vinyl version of nine “remixes and arrangements” is scheduled to ship around July 8. Consider Celeste B-Sides an abbreviated tale of still-loveliness, synth-driven (though not quite as much piano). Check out the vinyl artwork and stream the full album below if you want to preview before purchasing.

Celeste B-sides tracklisting:

01. Maxo - Forsaken City (Sever the Skyline Mix)
02. Ben Prunty - Old Site (Black Moonrise Mix)
03. Christa Lee - Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix)
04. in love with a ghost - Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix)
05. 2 Mello - Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix)
06. Jukio Kallio - Reflection (Center of the Earth Mix)
07. Kuraine - Summit (No More Running Mix)
08. Matthewせいじ - The Core (Say Goodbye Mix)
09. Lena Raine - (Bonus) Area 1 Demo

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