Lena Raine rains down stars, hearts, rainbows, announcement of Celeste: Farewell (Original Soundtrack)

Lena Raine rains down stars, hearts, rainbows, announcement of Celeste: Farewell (Original Soundtrack)

While the video game DLC it coincides with does not yet have an official release date, Lena Raine — composer, BAFTA nominee, and excellent interviewee — has announced her next contribution to the Celeste universe. Celeste: Farewell is set for release on maybe September 1 — the date is subject to change — via Materia Collective.

Celeste is a game that, when people find out you own a Switch (it’s also available on Steam, PS4, and XBOX One) they immediately go, “Oh you need to play Celeste.” They’re not wrong. The platformer landed a spot on many a “Best Of” list last year — including our own — its excellent action and story made all the more enjoyable via Raine’s great soundtrack.

Now, the game and Raine are coming back for one last trip up the mountain — literally and figuratively — with Celeste: Farewell. Right when you thought you dodged your last spike bed too.

Describing the release, Raine says:

It was only through creating something different, and adding to the existing sound of the game, that I felt comfortable telling one more story for these characters and world…The soundtrack to Farewell might be off-putting on first listen, and I don’t know if people will like it less, as much, or more than what I wrote first. It’s impossible to live up to high expectations, so I did what I always do: try to stay true to what kind of story I want to express, and what emotions that brings out. I hope that worked.

Pre-order the original soundtrack for Celeste: Farewell by clicking here, and start picturing the myriad ways you’ll fail while playing the game by listening to “Fear of the Unknown” down below. While listening, you can take a look at the soundtrack’s artwork and peruse it’s full tracklisting as well. Though he warned, only the first two tracks out of 13 have been revealed as of yet. Talk about fear of the unknown…

Celeste: Farewell goodbye-listing:

01. The Empty Space Above
02. Fear of the Unknown
03. ???
04. ???
05. ???
06. ???
07. ???
08. ???
09. ???
10. ???
11. ???
12. ???
13. ???

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