Leyland James Kirby’s V/Vm project releases a “Mrs Mills party version” of Tim Hecker’s Love Stream

Leyland James Kirby's V/Vm project releases a "Mrs Mills party version" of Tim Hecker's Love Stream

Hey, speaking of that recently announced six-part musical exploration of dementia, you may have forgotten that James Leyland Kirby actually started off his musical career under the moniker V/Vm, which has and ultimately continues to be a vessel for the musical experiments that didn’t and don’t seem in congruence with his more thematically cohesive work. Whereas his output as The Caretaker was inspired partially by the ballroom scene in The Shining, V/Vm was established more or less in conjunction with the eponymous label V/Vm Test Records, which was characterized from the mid-90s on by a definite and borderline crazy electronic eclecticism. Sound collages of pop music and playful remixes of extant electronic records are just two styles that V/Vm has tackled, so perhaps it’s no better time for something new in his oeuvre, 10 years post-the last V/Vm release…

But that new Tim Hecker album is so good! And as such, V/Vm has just released Between nothingness and eternity, a new album casually suggested to be played entirely in conjunction with Love Streams. Kirby’s contribution reportedly used similar (or the same) Melodyne presets that Hecker used for his album, and from there, the former took the totally expected route of creating Love Streams versions of Mrs. Mills’s popular ragtime jams from the 60s and 70s. Or vice versa, depending on how you look at it.

Listen to the release below and/or purchase it right here. The Bandcamp page has some additional info on the creative process.

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