Liars album release date revealed. But not in this headline!

Liars album release date revealed. But not in this headline!

We’ve all been anxiously awaiting new info on the next Liars record ever since that cryptic blog started posting random pictures and tidbits of the band in the studio with pixelated pals. Well, today Mute Records has let the cat out of the bag and announced that the sixth studio album by Liars will be released on June 5. The as-of-now-untitled record will be their follow-up to Sisterworld (TMT Review) and finds the band working more collaboratively than on previous recordings.

The record was recorded in L.A., as you guessed from the palm trees in the blog pics, and was self-produced by the band with additional production from Daniel Miller. Tom Biller then mixed them shits.

According to the press release, “the album, is hard to shake, tough to pin down, and impossible to get out of one’s head even after an initial listen. Simultaneously the most accessible and most challenging release from these iconoclasts, it is both a summation of Liars’ work up to now and a complete break from anything you’d ever heard the band do previously.” This means that they can officially replace Radiohead now.

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