Liars announce new album Mess out March 25, share first single, will totally get to the dishes first thing tomorrow

Liars announce new album Mess out March 25, share first single, will totally get to the dishes first thing tomorrow

I’ve got a riddle for ya: you’re out walking and you come to a fork in the road and you don’t know which way to go. Lucky for you, the guys in Liars are there. You know two of them always lie and one of them always tells the truth, but you don’t know which are which. What one question do you ask that will help you figure out which is the correct direction beyond a shadow of a doubt? Stay tuned after the news post for an answer to this head-scratcher.

Liars have a new album coming out and it’s called Mess and it’s out March 25 on Mute. You can preorder it right now through the Liars store on CD, digital, and vinyl. There’s also a special edition vinyl for which details are forthcoming. In addition to the album, you may or may not also receive a cross-stitched wall hanging made by your very own grandma or whatever that says “Bless This Mess” in big bold letters surrounded by the band’s logo and a really detailed rendering of your gently sleeping face, but DON’T MAKE IT WEIRD, okay?

Mess is supposed to be, well, a little messier than 2012’s WIXIW (TMT Review). Where WIXIW found them with their balls tucked neatly into their Dockers, on Mess you’ll find “Liars with their balls out,” even though it’s winter and really cold out and a lot of people don’t even want to have someone’s balls (no matter how clean they are) in their face while they’re trying to eat lunch, for Pete’s sake. Liars’ Andrew Angus says of the album, “Working on the last record was really doubtful and paranoid, and that’s fine, but it just meant that when work started on this one, it was the exact opposite. It was way more instinctual, fun and confident.” If that sounds like your speed, check out the album trailer below.

In closing, I’m sorry to say that there is no answer to the riddle. No matter what you ask, they’re all just going to say “Facts are facts, and fiction’s fiction” like they do in the chorus of their new song “Mess on a Mission,” (SoundCloud embed below) because that’s how PR blasts work, little bud. If it’s any solace, you can catch the band at a couple tourdates this spring… if you don’t choose the wrong path at the fork and get eaten by territorial wolves before then. Good luck!

Mess tracklisting:

01. Mask Maker
02. Vox Tuned D.E.D.
03. I’m No Gold
04. Pro Anti Anti
05. Can’t Hear Well
06. Mess On A Mission
07. Darkslide
08. Boyzone
09. Dress Walker
10. Perpetual Village
11. Left Speaker Blown


04.26.14 - Mecca, CA - Desert Daze Festival
04.02-04.14 - Austin, TX - Austin Psych Fest

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