Liars announce new album TFCF, share new single “Cred Woes”, capitalize on recent spike in Google searches for “liars”

Liars announce new album TFCF, share new single “Cred Woes”, capitalize on recent spike in Google searches for “liars”
Photo: Vernon Maxwell

It’s time to face facts, folks: lying is so in this year. Not since before Socrates exposed the bastards in Athens during the 5th century B.C. have liars been so in fashion. Hell, fake news is the hippest thing on the block! Kids these days are going crazy for made-up statistics, untrue facts, and speaking lies to power. It’s madness, I tell you!

And yet, not ones to miss a golden opportunity such as this, Angus Andrew and his troupe of Liars (which is actually just him these days) have taken advantage of their in-vogue moniker by hitting the studio to make their eighth studio album (following 2014’s messy Mess). The new one is called TFCF, it’s out August 25 on Mute, and, boy howdy, is it gonna do numbers on Google Trends!

Seeing as TMT is one of the very few media outlets you can trust these days, let me beneficently dish out some straight facts for you:

1. TFCF stands for “Theme From Crying Fountain.”

2. Andrew describes his headspace in creating the record thusly:

Suddenly, the tides of the ocean became the most important thing to me, because I live right on the ocean now, and to get my boat out in the morning to get groceries on the mainland I’ve got to know when the tide is coming in, or I’ll get stuck. Very basic things like that suddenly became top priority in my life. And the effect was interesting. The last record, Mess, was made in L.A., and had very tight corners and clean edges—it was sharp, programmed, organised. It sounds a lot like living in a city. But now, everything started to fall off-time.

3. You can pre-order a limited deluxe vinyl edition of the album, called the “420 Estuary Angler Edition,” which features some plant-themed artwork and “an additional piece of vinyl which includes unreleased music created especially for the 420 Estuary Angler Edition,” right here. You can also pre-order several less-deluxe editions here.

4. Following a trickle of cryptic snippets from the album, the first full-on single from the record, called “Cred Woes,” is available for public consumption now via the embed below which precedes the full-album tracklisting and a list of upcoming Liars tour dates.

Okay. Now dehumanize yourself and face the untruth!

TFCF tracklisting:

01. The Grand Delusional
02. Cliché Suite
03. Staring At Zero
04. No Help Pamphlet
05. Face to Face With My Face
06. Emblems of Another Story
07. No Tree No Branch
08. Cred Woes
09. Coins In My Caged Fist
10. Ripe Ripe Rot
11. Crying Fountain

Liars 2017 tour:

08.05.17 - London, UK - VISIONS Festival
08.07.17 - Primosten, HR - Superuho Festival
08.10.17 - Luxembourg, LU - Conges Annules
08.12.17 - Sardinia, IT - Here I Stay
08.16.17 - Bergen, NO - Perfect Sounds Forever
08.18.17 - Stirling, UK - Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival
08.19.17 - Brecon Beacons, UK - Green Man Festival
08.24.17 - Berlin, DE - Pop-Kultur Festival
09.02.17 - Mexico City, MX - Indie Rocks Festival
09.13.17 - Detroit, MI - El Club
09.15.17 - Chicago, IL - Riot Fest
09.16.17 - Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups
09.18.17 - Boston, MA - The Sinclair
09.20.17 - Hamden, CT - The Ballroom at the Outer Space
09.21.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw
09.23.17 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle
09.24.17 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
09.25.17 - Atlanta, GA - Aisle 5
10.06.17 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
10.07.17 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
10.10.17 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
10.13-15.17 - Joshua Tree, CA - Desert Daze
10.28.17 - Manchester, UK - Transformer 2
10.30.17 - Bristol, UK - Colston Hall
11.01.17 - Glasgow, UK - Art School
11.04.17 - Copenhagen, DK - Jazzhouse
11.09.17 - Utrecht, NL - Le Guess Who? Festival
11.10.17 - Brussels, BE - Orangerie
11.11.17 - Kortrijk, BE - Sonic City
11.13.17 - Paris, FR - Le Maroquinerie
11.14.17 - Zurich, CH - Salzhaus
11.15.17 - Fribourg, CH - Fri-Son
11.16.17 - Milan, IT - Magnolia
11.17.17 - Rome, IT - Monk
11.18.17 - Bologna, IT - Locomotiv
11.29.17 - Bucharest, RO - Control

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